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Roots Air Premium Quality Imported Cellulose Pads


Evaporative Cooling Pad with exclusive cross fluted configuration is a contact medium specially engineered for direct evaporative cooling and humidification of air. The Cooling Pad is made of corrugated sheets which are assembled in self-supporting pads of light-weight sturdy construction. Evaporative Cooling Pad is manufactured from a special cellulose paper, impregnated with insoluble antirotsalts, rigidifying saturants and wetting agents.


Like all evaporative coolers, Evaporative Cooling Pad relies entirely on evaporation of water for cooling and humidification. The waterfalls by gravity through the pad forming a thin water film that throughly covers the internal pad surface. The air passes horizontally through the pad in the open space between the sheets. Due to the pad geometry, turbulent contad is established between the water and the air which induces a highly efficient heat and moister transfer.

Roots Air - Air washer & Scrubber Units


Fill type system can attain saturation efficiencies of 90% as against 60% efficiency of conventional system.

Compact pre-fabricated design to take less space, volume nearly 40% of comparable machine.

No masonary work required for room and can be located inside or outside a building.

Power consumption nearly 50% of any comparable spray machine due to low pump power and low pressure drop.

Maintenance negligible as no nozzles are involved and hence trouble free service.

Low noise level in machines as there are no high pressure nozzles.

Quick installation as machine is factory fabricated and has flexibility to re-locate at any time.

Roots Air Hybrid Units

Three stage evaporative cooling systems:

Stage -1 (Indirect Normal cooling):

The fresh filtered air is made to pass through the cooling coil of 4 Row deep (Sensible cooling) where in the dry bulb temperature as well as wet bulb temperature is reduced. This heat is rejected through cooling tower via pump and piping. This is with 100 % fresh air and is used only during summer.

Roots Air Compact Energy Efficient Evaporative Cooling Units

The core part of Roots Air Systems evaporative air cooler is the high efficiency evaporative cooling pad. Natural multi-layer corrugated cellulose material, which utilizes the physical phenomenon of water evaporation absorbing heat, evaporation area affecting evaporation effectiveness, pump brings water up to water distributor and water goes through cooling pad regularly, which generates a water screen, then the fan runs to make a negative pressure, when outside hot air goes through wet cooling pad and contacts water, water evaporates, and heat is brought away and cool air comes out, dust is taken down by water flow to the bottom at the same time. By this circulation, fresh air without dust always provides you a favorable and more comfortable environment.


Our vast range of highly efficient and compact Air Handling Units are used extensively in Heavy Application Industries, Malls, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals, and a variety of other applications. Frostech Air Handling Units are completely customised as per the given specifications/requirements with premium quality designed as per latest technology to provide maximum efficiency at the most economical rates.

Roots Air Miscellaneous Products

Pre Coolers

Extreme hot outdoor temperatures reduce the efficiency of an air cooled condenser. An air cooled chiller equipped with cellulose pads, lowers the temperature across the condenser coil thus improving the cooling efficiency of the compressor, reducing the energy use and ultimately increasing the useful life of the compressor.

Roots Air Miscellaneous Products



Roots Air Miscellaneous Products



Roots Air Miscellaneous Products

LInear Grilles


Roots Air Miscellaneous Products

Square Diffussers

Roots Air Miscellaneous Products

Double Deflection Grilles

Roots Air Miscellaneous Products

PVC Water Eliminator