Our History

Roots Air Systems has a long accomplished history encompassing growth through excellence and innovation.

Roots Air Systems pioneered the concept of highly efficient cross-fluted cellulose pads from USA, which today have become the most widely accepted and emulated evaporative cooling media.

It all started in 1984, when Mr. Rakesh Kumar Modi, a young passionate man applied new ideas in air cooling technology, beyond the traditional boundaries of industrial design. Technology, which was flexible and attuned to the realities of an interconnected complex modern world. it was his resilience and abiding belief in the infinite potential of air that helped him to unshackle from the stereotypes and become Pathfinders. In an Industry where the only constant is change , Roots Air systems has all along set trends and standards - showcasing their natural affinity for innovation.

Today, Roots Air Systems has come full circle by constantly evolving and reinventing itself wish each new season. We are highly grateful to all our customers and friends being a part of our success story .

Time, as always has been on our side.