Roots Air Premium Quality Imported Cellulose Pads


Evaporative Cooling Pad with exclusive cross fluted configuration is a contact medium specially engineered for direct evaporative cooling and humidification of air. The Cooling Pad is made of corrugated sheets which are assembled in self-supporting pads of light-weight sturdy construction. Evaporative Cooling Pad is manufactured from a special cellulose paper, impregnated with insoluble anti- rot salts, rigidifying saturants and wetting agents.


Like all evaporative coolers, Evaporative Cooling Pad relies entirely on evaporation of water for cooling and humidification. The waterfalls by gravity through the pad forming a thin water film that throughly covers the internal pad surface. The air passes horizontally through the pad in the open space between the sheets. Due to the pad geometry, turbulent contad is established between the water and the air which induces a highly efficient heat and moister transfer.


1.Redistribution    Because of the intersecting flutes, Cooling Pad has an inherent redistribution. This promotes and even air flow and makes it possible to use a simple water distribution system.

2. Built-in-Bisector    The aptented angle arrangement will direct the water flow towards the inlet air side where the most intense evaporation takes place. The extra flushing of the inlet side makes Cooling Pad unaffected by atmospheric dust. Another advantage of the bisector angle is that it opposes the tendency of the air to push the water out of the pad. Hence the drift-free Dperation is obtained at higher air velocities.

3. Wettability    Since the sheets have a high wettability, complete wetting of the entire surface is obtained by maximum water flow. The continual flushing of the surface reduces the risk of building-up of minerals and secures the long service of Cooling Pads.

4. High Efficiency    The high heat transfer capability in combination with the large uniformly wetted surface area makes Cooling Pad reliable, troublefree and highly efficient. At the cooling efficiency can be arbitrarily chosen by a proper selection of pad depth and air velocity, it is very easy to design Cooling Pad to meet any cooling or humidification requirement.



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